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In CRM FREE you can view all tasks on your daily, weekly or monthly calendar or in a list view. For each you can view task by user. The Task List View allows you to see more details for tasks assigned to a day. You can sort the list and search it to find individual tasks. From the List view you can also view by user or status so administrators can get a quick overview.

Each task is assigned to a user and can have a date due or a date and time. Tasks can be for meetings, appointments, calls or a deadline to complete another type of task. There are Type and Priority fields for each task so you can categorize them properly in the CRM.

The daily, weekly and monthly calendar will show all active tasks - those that have not been completed. The Status field in each task allows you to track progress and mark it as completed once done. This is not required but can make it easier to see what needs to be done.The Task List by default shows only Active tasks but you can choose to see All or just Completed.


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