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In CRM FREE you can create tasks within an account or contact record as well as in a sale or support ticket. Each task is assigned to a user in the crm and can have a date due or a date and time as needed. You can categorize the type of tasks such as appointments, calls, an activity or action due and more.

You can view you tasks from the Calendar or on your Task List. The Task List View allows you to see more details for tasks assigned to a day. You can sort the list and search it to find individual tasks. From the List view you can also view by user or status so administrators can get a quick overview.

On an account or contact's page you can see the tasks that are assigned directly to them as well as an option to View All which includes all tasks on sales or support tickets as well. For accounts it will also include all tasks for contacts that are assigned to that account so reviewing an account is quick and easy.

From the main CRM Dashboard right at the top it will show your next five tasks due, keeping these important items right in front of you when you login.


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