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CRM FREE allows you to easily add accounts and view their data. Accounts can be companies or individuals you do business with. Each account can have multiple contacts that belong to it. You can add custom fields to contacts if there are other data points you want to keep track of. From an account you can enter and track sales as well as customer service requests and support tickets.

The most important part of any crm is knowing what was said and done, by who, when and what needs to be done next. CRM FREE makes this easy with the notes and tasks / calendar section on the account record. See a complete list of all the notes entered, by who and when. Check the tasks to see what needs to be done and who it is assigned to and check what has been completed already.

From an account you can enter sales and opportunities tracking through he sales process with a value and probability to close. Each sale has its own notes, tasks and files. You can create customer service and support tickets. Each support ticket is assigned to a user to handle the request, has it's own notes, tasks, status, files and more. You can easily view older tickets to help quickly resolve their request.


Account & Contact Management
    Import & Export

Sales Pipeline & Tracking
    Sales CRM
    Sales Tracking
    Sales Dashboard

Customer Service & Support Software
    Customer Support CRM
    Case Management
    Service Level Agreements

    Adding Tasks
    Calendar & Task List

Custom Fields

API for Developers

Document Storage

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