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CRM-FREE was designed for small business, to give you what you need. A simple and easy to use web based solution. Complete contact management, leads and sales tracking, customer support, all of the above and more. CRM FREE is not overblown with a ton of features you will never use and yet have to pay for with some other services. We have kept it simple and therefore been able to keep costs down! CRM FREE can help keep track of all your contacts, leads, clients, vendors, employees, departments, jobs and much more. CRM FREE is from MSCC Corp which has been designing online solutions for over 10 years.

In any system you use it is vitally important to know what was said and what was done, by who... and when. Making sure whoever needs access to that info can get it quickly while restricting access to areas or contacts they shouldn't see. CRM FREE makes that easy. Group contacts together, assign users or groups of users to contacts. Complete with calendars to keep track of what needs to be done and when.

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Contact Management
    Important Dates
    Custom Fields
    Import & Export
    Capture from Web Forms

    Adding Items
    Calendar & Lists

    Creating New Contacts
    Adding Notes
    Adding Calendar Items
    Linking to Contacts

    Using Projects
    Linking to Contacts

Document Storage

    User Access

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