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To import contacts from your current system to CRM FREE first export from your current program to a csv file. If you are given the option to include a "header row" select yes. A header row is not required but will help with mapping the data into the correct fields in CRM FREE. Click the Contacts tab and then Import CSV File at the bottom of the upper left hand box.

On the Import Contacts page first select the file to import. The header row defaults to yes, this means the first row of the file will not be imported but will be used for mapping. On the next screen you will see the first row of data and be able to map each to the appropriate field. CRM FREE will attempt determine the field each should be mapped to for things like First Name, Email, Phone etc. You can also set the Source for the contacts that are being imported as well as the Type and Status. If all contacts in the file are to be assigned to a certain user or a user group you can select that here as well.

Any user with permission to adminster the database can export all contacts from the My Account tab. This will export all contacts, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, important dates and notes into a csv file.

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