CRM FREE contact management                        

CRM FREE is an online database designed to help keep you organized. It's easy and fun to use and best of all it has a great FREE single user version! No limited trial version, but a free web based version to help you manage your life.

CRM FREE is great solution for individuals just looking to keep track of friends and family, their calendar and different projects or other items they wish to keep track of. Easily group things together, import and export data. Access from anywhere online.

Small businesses are the backbone of this country. They don't have all the resources of the big companies, but CRM FREE gives small businesses an inexpensive yet powerful way to manage employees, products and inventory, vendors, sales, clients, office projects. A human resources department's solution to better organize your office. Assign tasks or calendar items to individuals or multiple people at once, keep notes of all activities and assign an individual or groups to each project. Use projects for anything you need to keep organized.

Independent contractors, keep track of appointments, sales and clients. Enter notes for all calls and jobs to keep a detailed log for every person. Get email reminders before events you set. Review your calendar for billing and availability.