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Calendar & Lists

In CRM FREE you can view your calendar items in a daily, weekly or monthly calendar. You can also view them as a list, either for a specific day or for that day and all previous that haven't been completed. On the daily, weekly and monthly calendars you can go direct to the contact or project record or view and update the calendar items information. You can also click the + links in each day or hour to add a new item to the calendar. In the upper right of all the calendar pages you can switch between the different calendars, add items, view just personal items and see the last 10 calendar items you added.

In the Calendar Events List, items that are past due are conveniently displayed with the date and time over a yellow background so they stand out. From the list you can click the contact or project's name to go into the record, view their contact info and clicking on the user assigned to the item will display all the calendar items information allowing you to update it.

CRM FREE calendar list

CRM FREE monthly calendar

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