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Sending emails into CRM FREE

With the paid version of CRM-FREE you can send emails directly into your database. Emails are centrally stored and depending on how they are sent they can be entered into a contact's record or a project.

The first step is to enter any email addresses you may send emails "from". Go to your profile by clicking on your name in the upper left and you can add "from addresses". Each email address can belong to only one user in the database. This is how the database will determine who to enter the data from. Any emails from unknown from addresses with be stored for your review. You can add that from address and then re-process the email to get it linked, or just tell the database where the email should be linked without adding the from address.

You have options in sending emails to CRM-FREE. First you use the "To" field to create a new contact, add a note to a contact or project, add a calendar item to a contact, project or just a personal item. You can also forward an email you received using the "To" field to address it to CRM-FREE. You will find instructions on each below. You can also use the "Bcc" field when sending an email "To" a contact. When doing this the database will search for the "To" email address and enter the email as a note in that contact's record.

When sending emails to CRM-FREE using the "To" field the subject will determine how your email is processed.
* To create a new contact the subject should be "new"
* To add a note to a contact or project the subject should be "note"
* To add a calendar item the subject should start with "calendar"
* When forwarding an email you received the subject should start with "fw" or "fwd"

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