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Adding a calendar item via Email

To add a calendar item the subject should start with "calendar". Calendar items also contain the date and time of the item in the subject. Example subject line:
calendar Wednesday at 4pm
The date and time need to be separated by the word "at", but a time is not required.
Date options include: Monday - any day of the week
6/1 - month/day
6/1/2010 - month/day/year
next week - places on next Monday
next month - places item on the 1st of the next month
next year - places on January 1st of next year
one week - places item one week from today
one month - places item one month from today
one year - places item one year from today

Time options can be just the time, such as: 3:00, or just 3, and include am or pm. If no am or pm is included, the system will set it for you based on the hour. If the hour is 8 or after it will select am, if it is prior to 8 it will set it as pm.

The body of the email has two sections. The first row in the body of the email should start with either: name, company or project. Then the name of the contact, company or project. The database will search for all matches and enter the calendar item in each record. The rest of the email can be multiple rows of data and will appear as the comment in the calendar item.

name John Doe
Call today to get him started

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