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Important Dates

In CRM FREE you can keep track of any important dates for each contact. However you may not need each date field for each contact, so rather than having fields for each you can create a date field in each contact record as neded with a label. When you enter an Important Date you add a description to label the date. As you begin to type the database will look for matches that have already been entered as a description so you keep the same labels making searching easier.

You can also add a note while entering an Important Date. This allows a further description of what happened on this date keeping the description field more generic. For example the description field could be: "sold", "purchased" or "bought" and then in the note you could detail exactly what was purchased. The note will appear both in the Notes section of the contact record and next to the date in the Important Dates section.

From the Contacts tab you can search the Important Dates that have been entered. You have options to search any month regardless of the year, a specific date in a month regardless of the year, by year, a month and day range regardless of the year and of course an exact range of dates.

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