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User Access

You can setup as many users as allowed by your account for CRM FREE. Each user has two permissions settings. First the User Type sets whether they can see all contacts and projects in the system or just those assigned to them. For those that can see all contacts and projects there is a second permission setting. The Administer the Database field allows users to make any administrative changes to your account. Add or remove users or passwords, change the version of the database, delete contacts, add or remove options in drop downs and more.

User can be assigned to User Groups after they have been added. For example if you create a Sales user group you could place everyone in the sales department in that group and then just assign the Sales user group to access new leads as they come in. This would give them access to just those contacts without needing to assign each user unless you wanted the leads viewed by just one sales person.

Each username and password can be used by only one person on one computer at a time. Each person should have their own username and password to keep track of who did what and when in your database.

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