CRM FREE contact management                        
CRM-FREE Features

With CRM FREE you can keep track of everything. All contacts and your calendar to keep you organized.
View the features and screenshots below or you can view a video tour.

Contact Management (View Screenshot) Keep all contacts, friends, family, vendors, employees, co-workers, contractors, maintenance men, leads, clients, teachers, students, restaurants and other locations names, phone numbers, email and addresses all together in one easy to add and search online database. Call it a contact management solution, customer relationship manager, customer support solution, sales tracking, human resources solution, web based address book, online calendar, CMS, CRM or just one free database that does it all, CRM - FREE will help you get and stay organized. Enter everyone, all addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays and other important dates, then add notes to their record, set event on the calendar for them. Each contact has a status, type and source option so you can help categorize them and easily search contacts in the database. Each user has a permission setting to determine what and who they can view. Administrators have access to all contacts and projects and each contact or project has options to assign a user to view, or quick assign it to a group of users such as a sales team.

Integrated with Email (View Screenshot) Now with a paid version you can send emails to CRM FREE to create new contacts, add a note to an existing contact or project, add a calendar item to a contact, project or just for yourself, forward an email you received from a contact into their record or bcc an email into a contact record when you email them.

Grouping and Searching Contacts (View Screenshot) You can set up an unlimited number of groups where you can further keep your contacts together. Set up a group for friends or family, break it down further by immediate family and extended family. Set up a group for each department in your office, or for only your top clients or prospects. Salesman can set up multiple groups for different levels of hot leads and opportunities or different products or offerings they may be interested in. Taking a trip or have a business meeting out of town? Set up a group for anyone involved or for numbers and addresses you may need during the trip. Then easily search contacts and groups.

Calendars & Alerts (View Screenshot) Keep all calls, meetings, appointments, events, follow ups, to-do's and other items organized in lists and calendars. View a list of items for today or daily, weekly and monthly calendars. Each item can be linked to a contact or project, or can be a personal item. In the paid versions you can assign each item to an individual or to multiple users as well as receive email alerts prior to each event to remind you.

Projects Keep track of things whether you call them projects, tasks, events, sales, parties, inventory, marketing campaigns, new products, classes, trips, office work or anything else you can imagine. Projects allow you to keep notes, calendar entries attached to it. Add files or documents to the project, link contacts or groups of contacts. Plus in the paid versions you can determine which users or groups of users can view and participate in each project. You can set up user groups for each department in your office to quickly assign them to contacts and projects.

File & Document Storage In the paid versions you can upload files, store them in a contact's record or project or just make them available in the database. Keep documents safe so you don't lose things that may become important in the future. Keep service contracts with vendors, quotes you gave a customer, files, images or picture or anything else relating to a contact, project, personal item or just a file to want to make sure stays safe.